Northern Michigan…for breakfast

We have been enjoying wonderful northern Michigan for 15 years at our home in Lewiston.  Hold your hand up like the mitten that Michigan is and Lewiston is about at your middle finger’s knuckle.  That’s how all native Michiganders describe where they live to the uninitiated!  Our full log home has wonderful features. Great views…        A fantastic custom cabinetry kitchen with butcher-block countertops…    A great fireplace for cozy winters….    And, four fantastic Garland Resort golf courses to play on….        But, what we love most are our quiet mornings  together for breakfast. The Farmers Market  in … Continue reading Northern Michigan…for breakfast

More tasty Tuscon

For a food blogger, there’s nothing better than discovering a gem in a city you’re visiting.  For me, it’s especiaally exciting to find a diner that serves up a fresh, fast breakfast and doesn’t gouge you with their prices.  My father’s family were in the restaurant biz for many years, and I have learned to appreciate those early morning warriors who bring us a tasty breakfast on the cheap.  Frank’s/Francisco’s is such a place.  $1.75 breakfast before 9:00am!!!!     Homemade habanero chili hotsauce and all!  Not to be missed if you are an early riser.  Get there if you can! Another … Continue reading More tasty Tuscon

Keep it simple…

Spiced boiled peel and eat shrimp, a favorite salad, maybe a baked potato or baked sweet…. that’s the ticket for a warm spring night when I don’t really feel like cooking.  The shrimp are made ahead so they have at least a couple hours to cool in the boiling liquid. The BEST boil I’ve made to date includes the following spices: 2-3 bay leaves 1T mixed peppercorns 1t celery salt 1/8C + 1T Old Bay seasoning 1/2T Chili powder Bring to boil in 1 and1/2 quarts water. Add 1lb. raw shrimp. Boil until shrimp are pink.  Cool in the boiling … Continue reading Keep it simple…

Taqueria authentico in Wilmington!

Authentic ethnic food is hard to find in Wilmington, NC.  There. I’ve said it…  Except if you crave Mexican..Real Mexican.  You CAN find it at Taqueria Los Portales. Located in a nondescript little strip, next door to a tattoo parlor…you will feel like you’ve just crossed the border into another world.  This little gem isn’t fancy.  You order at the front counter, you have a seat at diner-type tables or at the small bar, and the food is brought out to you as it is prepared. There is a salsa bar with the usual Mexican accoutrements, 3-4 different salsas, sliced … Continue reading Taqueria authentico in Wilmington!

A beautiful day leads to a beautiful night

Another beautiful day on the water in Wilmington, North Carolina allows us to spot a pod of porpoises near our boat.  Look closely, you will see a fin!  or two!  And below, another swimming in the water!      When the day has ended, we enjoy our dinner of Mussels in a Green Curry sauce with Noodles as we gaze out our window onto the water.       To prepare this feast for your family folllow the recipe below: Cook julienned carrots and sliced sweet onions in 1 1/2C Vegetable stock until al dente Add 2 teaspoons of green curry … Continue reading A beautiful day leads to a beautiful night

Pescado Frito, a Lenten reprieve

When the feast of the Annunciation falls mid-lent a whole fried fish is in order.  Although I was hoping for fresh tilapia, my local fish monger had none today.  I opted for vermilion snapper and decided mid-day that I would fry it and douse it liberally with lime juice, Mexican-style.    Here’s mr. snapper au naturale…    Some very Mexican accompaniments: marinated cabbage slaw, corn tortillas, homemade guuacamole…        Mr. snapper taking a bath in the hot oil…no seasoning except salt and pepper, por favor…    Limon, limon and more limon…on top after frying. Aahhh… I almost feel like I’m … Continue reading Pescado Frito, a Lenten reprieve

Rain, rain go away…Panang Curry saves the day!

A cold, rainy day in  Wilmington brings the urge to cook a warming Thai dinner for hubby and I.  We both love Panang Curry and with the starter paste it is quite easy to prepare.  Tonight’s version is lenten ready using no oil, meat or fish, and of course no dairy. After thinning 2T of the paste with water or vegetable stock, I add celery, onions and mushrooms sliced on the bias.  10 ounces of coconut milk, 2T of brown sugar  and 2 kefir lime leaves complete the base.     Simmer slowly while cooking some coconut rice. For coconut rice: … Continue reading Rain, rain go away…Panang Curry saves the day!

Gnocchi and Langostino Tails

A wonderful, rich dinner of potato Gnocchi with langostine tails will change your mind about gluten-free low-cal cooking.  The sauce begins with minced garlic, green onion or shallot and tarragon lightly sauteed in olive oil. After sweating the vegetables add 1 cup of corn milk made by food processing fresh or frozen corn kernels.Corn pairs so well with lobster, scallops and other sweet delicate seafood/shellfish!  Begin cooking the pre-made (yes I cheated here, but who wouldn’t use such a great gluten free helper?) gnocchi in a pot at medium boil with well salted water.   Gnocchi cook a lot quicker … Continue reading Gnocchi and Langostino Tails

Dinner, too…Greek Hunter’s Stew

Another of my husband’s favorites for dinner tonight. Stefado (Hunter’s Stew) is a chilly weather dish that hits all the right notes. Best when made with game meat like venison, rabbit or even lamb, stefado is also wonderful when made with beef. Cubes of meat are browned in butter. (Let the butter brown in the pan a little before adding the meat for best flavor.) Add salt, pepper, 2 bay leaves, 1 clove crushed garlic, 1/2 stick cinnamon, 1/2 cup red wine vinegar, 1/4 cup red wine, 1/2 small can of tomato paste and add 2cups of water (or more … Continue reading Dinner, too…Greek Hunter’s Stew