More tasty Tuscon

For a food blogger, there’s nothing better than discovering a gem in a city you’re visiting.  For me, it’s especiaally exciting to find a diner that serves up a fresh, fast breakfast and doesn’t gouge you with their prices.  My father’s family were in the restaurant biz for many years, and I have learned to appreciate those early morning warriors who bring us a tasty breakfast on the cheap.  Frank’s/Francisco’s is such a place.  $1.75 breakfast before 9:00am!!!!  


Homemade habanero chili hotsauce and all!  Not to be missed if you are an early riser.  Get there if you can!

Another gem in town is Poco and Mom’s.  Sharing an unassuming space with a gym and an art gallery. The top notch cheery staff at Poco’s will not steer you wrong.  Enjoy chips and housemade salsa before your breakfast comes, if you wish…but be advised that the food comes out so fast you will barely have time for one dip into the rich, smoky pot! 


Get anything you order with the housemade Hatch Chile sauce over the top and you will discover why these chiles are so beloved in Tuscon.  We ordered eggs with chile rellenos and machaca (shredded dried beef) scrambled eggs, both with the Hatch Chile sauce.  Refries accompany both, as do fresh warm tortillas. 


If you leave Poco and Mom’s hungry it’s nobody’s fault but your own!!

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