Pescado Frito, a Lenten reprieve

When the feast of the Annunciation falls mid-lent a whole fried fish is in order.  Although I was hoping for fresh tilapia, my local fish monger had none today.  I opted for vermilion snapper and decided mid-day that I would fry it and douse it liberally with lime juice, Mexican-style.   

Here’s mr. snapper au naturale… 


Some very Mexican accompaniments: marinated cabbage slaw, corn tortillas, homemade guuacamole… 


Mr. snapper taking a bath in the hot oil…no seasoning except salt and pepper, por favor… 


Limon, limon and more limon…on top after frying.


I almost feel like I’m on the beach at Progeso, Merida, Yucatan where fishermen plunge fresh caught beauties into garbage can size pots of hot oil and you sit at a picnic table and pick the meat off the bones with your fingers and tortillas as you drink ice cold tecates…..if only….


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