Northern Michigan…for breakfast

We have been enjoying wonderful northern Michigan for 15 years at our home in Lewiston.  Hold your hand up like the mitten that Michigan is and Lewiston is about at your middle finger’s knuckle.  That’s how all native Michiganders describe where they live to the uninitiated!  Our full log home has wonderful features. Great views… 



A fantastic custom cabinetry kitchen with butcher-block countertops… 


A great fireplace for cozy winters…. 


And, four fantastic Garland Resort golf courses to play on…. 


But, what we love most are our quiet mornings  together for breakfast.

The Farmers Market  in nearby Gaylord, MI had some wonderful baby redskins this week, so pan-roasted rosemary redskins  was definitely  going to be on our Sunday menu..   

I roast mine in olive oil  slowly on the stovetop with just a few sliced sweet onions  and  fresh  or dried  rosemary.


A goat  cheese and herb omelet cooked   in the same pan as the potatoes is fluffy, savory  and filling. 

My omelet recipe is; 

4 eggs, 2T milk, 1t fresh mixed herbs (I like basil,  dill,parsley  and oregano), 1/8 pound goat  cheese or french feta,  and  1T butter to cook omelet in..


Breakfast is served! 

   How I am going to miss this place!!

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