Taqueria authentico in Wilmington!

Authentic ethnic food is hard to find in Wilmington, NC.  There. I’ve said it… 

Except if you crave Mexican..Real Mexican.  You CAN find it at Taqueria Los Portales. Located in a nondescript little strip, next door to a tattoo parlor…you will feel like you’ve just crossed the border into another world.  This little gem isn’t fancy.  You order at the front counter, you have a seat at diner-type tables or at the small bar, and the food is brought out to you as it is prepared. There is a salsa bar with the usual Mexican accoutrements, 3-4 different salsas, sliced radishes, pickled onions or slaw, peppers, etc.


Try to visit on the weekends.  You will be rewarded with whole fried tilapia, menudo (tripe soup) and posole.  All homemade fresh and the best hangover cures you will ever find!  Don’t be shy. Watch some soccer matches on Univision and consider your good luck in finding this wonderful food! 

Start with a couple orders of ceviche tostadas…. 


 Finish with the best Pescado Frito you will have in the states! Delicioso! 

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