Holy Mackerel it’s good!

Hubby’s recent fishing expedition of the coast of Wilmington, NC netted 2 large Mackerel.  Now before you turn up your nose, just want to tell you what great success I’ve had with a couple of very simple recipes for preparing this much maligned fish.  While most of Europe is on board with Mackerel, the US hasn’t quite come around.  For the llife of me I don’t know why!  It is firm fleshed, full of good-for-you Omega oils, and takes on the flavor of many preparations easily. Day after catching the beauties, I stumbled on a fantastic recipe by Jamie Oliver … Continue reading Holy Mackerel it’s good!

Early Morning Fishing on the Intracoastal

Really enjoying the wonderful weather this weekend in North Carolina!  Never tire of the views from my patio or on the waterway!        Also got some great shots of one of our friendly, neighborhood pelicans today. From take off to touchdown!          Hope everyone is out there beating the crowds on this official last weekend before the madness! Wrightsville Beach is practically empty!    And now to my patio for brunch with hubby and a guest!      Continue reading Early Morning Fishing on the Intracoastal

A beautiful day leads to a beautiful night

Another beautiful day on the water in Wilmington, North Carolina allows us to spot a pod of porpoises near our boat.  Look closely, you will see a fin!  or two!  And below, another swimming in the water!      When the day has ended, we enjoy our dinner of Mussels in a Green Curry sauce with Noodles as we gaze out our window onto the water.       To prepare this feast for your family folllow the recipe below: Cook julienned carrots and sliced sweet onions in 1 1/2C Vegetable stock until al dente Add 2 teaspoons of green curry … Continue reading A beautiful day leads to a beautiful night

Spring Fling

It’s March 31st and we’re out for a ride on the intracoastal!  First ride of the season for Sammy and I, hubby has braved it throughout the fall and winter.  This is my view over the bow…    Pretty sweet! Jason insists on going fast (against my wishes), but I have to admit…it’s fun!    Notice that I did not neglect to wear my Spartan green and white!    And Jason looks like he’s singing the fight song!    Victory for MSU! Welcome Spring! Continue reading Spring Fling

Pescado Frito, a Lenten reprieve

When the feast of the Annunciation falls mid-lent a whole fried fish is in order.  Although I was hoping for fresh tilapia, my local fish monger had none today.  I opted for vermilion snapper and decided mid-day that I would fry it and douse it liberally with lime juice, Mexican-style.    Here’s mr. snapper au naturale…    Some very Mexican accompaniments: marinated cabbage slaw, corn tortillas, homemade guuacamole…        Mr. snapper taking a bath in the hot oil…no seasoning except salt and pepper, por favor…    Limon, limon and more limon…on top after frying. Aahhh… I almost feel like I’m … Continue reading Pescado Frito, a Lenten reprieve