Renewing at the Metropolis of Atlanta Diakonia Retreat Center

Spent a wonderful weekend with some lovely ladies at the Metropolis of Atlanta Retreat Center in Salem, South Carolina. Two and a half days of making new friends while strengthening our love for Jesus.

The Diakonia Center is rustic but comfortable with a working farm, vineyard, and plenty of animal friends.

We as well as our Philoptochos sisters, attended many services with His Eminence Metropolitan Alexis at both the chapel on the lower level of the church…

and the beautiful, soon to be completed church…

Look at what God has blessed this Metropolis with!

The main hall has a fully functioning kitchen where excellent Lenten meals were prepared by the hardworking staff.

The highlight of the weekend was a wonderful session on Renewal led by the Rev. Dr. Nicholas Louh of St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, Fl.

Father Nicholas shared his ideas on how to keep ourselves healthy in order to be the best spouses, mothers, friends and children of God.

Reflect often on your own thinking…Do you focus on goodness/GOD?

Exercise spiritually…Be still with GOD for 15 minutes each day.

Non-negotiable self care…Honor the Sabbath/make time for what is important.

Environment…get rid of the unhealthy relationships and feed your soul.

Win over people…use your Time, Talents, Treasures and Touch!

Such a powerful message…Share it!

Finally, remember that you are made in God’s image and He loves you unconditionally. Call on Him whenever you need Anything!

For more information about the retreat center email

For more about Fr. Nicholas’ ministry see healthymindshealthysouls on Facebook

Photos of the open peacock credits go to Sandra Papanikolao!


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