Go with the Flo? Part 3

We’re all stocked up and watching the weather channel at our home away from home for the next few days.

Plenty of water, wine, canned goods, dry goods and beer.

Dog food for the pups…

Lots of candles and flashlights,batteries, marine radio, life vests and charcoal for the bbq.

Also starting to cook things (like hard boiled eggs) that can survive several (5-7) days without refrigeration…

Almost forgot….got the games, too

2 thoughts on “Go with the Flo? Part 3

  1. While my heart is still coastal southern, I live in the high desert now. What never changes is being focused on the weather whenever it starts to blow stink in the Carolinas. Stay safe and looks like you have it covered. Wishing you well through the storm. All my best.


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