Hobak Korean BBQ will leave you full of happy!

Off-strip Vegas gem Hobak Korean BBQ is a family favorite because we miss having access to Korean bbq in Wilmington, NC. Our years in SoCal and Virginia were filled with adventuresome Asian shopping and dining out. Sadly, the only BBQ in the south is Carolina BBQ, which is great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nothing like Korean BBQ! Korean BBQ is a communal eating experience right at your table, washed down with Soju or Hite Beer or..at least at Hobak… a beer and soju tower right at your table that is a ready-to-pour tap of goodness! The meats at Hobak are top quality Angus beef and pork sliced thin to cook quickly on the tableside grills while you and your companions enjoy the accompaniments of kimchee,daikon,pickled greens, steamed eggs, potato pancake and other house made goodies. There are marinated meats and pork belly and jowl to choose from as well. Let your server do the cooking while you enjoy your group and just TRY to finish all the food in front of you! The large family size combos will set you back about $95…but they will feed 6 comfortably. Dessert comes with the meal in the form of cute little ice cream sandwiches in a variety of flavors. This is another Vegas gem that’s great for a group! Don’t be shy…Hobak!

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