Silence….the REAL issue

Why do we Americans remain silent when we see injustice?  Why do we turn a blind eye to bad behavior?  Why are Female Genital Mutilations happening right here in the USA?  Why did very powerful actresses remain silent for so long about Harvey Weinstein’s “casting couch”? Where are the rest of those women? Why do women throw shade at other women?   It’s time to #SPEAK

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Sisters and brothers alike, it’s not enough to say #MeToo on a Facebook post….we all must #SPEAK up about the incredulous discrimination that is STILL occurring against women around the world.. FGM is discrimination at its worst.  In  places around the world where women really cannot #SPEAK, we need to be their voices….

P.S. If you think sexual harassment and/or assault and FGM are not the same issue, look deeper.  Both are “cultural issues”.  Hollywood is a culture, just like Islam is a culture-not solely a religion.

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