, Kapalua

Ok. Here’s my disclaimer…I AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF HEIGHTS…..But, I am on a once in a lifetime vacation with my husband of 30 years and it is time to conquer my fears!  So, we picked the big Kahuna of zip lining tours….7 lines, over 2 miles and quite the hike up.

First thing we do after a ride halfway up the hill in a really nice van is cross over the bridge you see in the second picture below. 

That bridge crossing almost ended the tour for me. Winds were close to 37mph today, so it was dicey….to say the least.  Next a short ride up another  thousand feet and a hike up the mountain.  Guess they thought we weren’t high enough!

I am ready…but not really willing!

My intrepid partner in crime before our last hanging bridge for zip line number 6.

Still can’t believe we did it!  What a thrill!   Mahalo Kapalua Ziplines!

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