Trip to Hana

On an island with so much natural beauty, changing topography and several microclimates a drive around its circumference is really a thrill. Not to mention that the Hana Highway is not for the faint of heart! 

In the rainforest and verdant areas the colors are all shades of green.  

Except the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees brought over with the Philipino immigrant that are part of the painted forest.

The windy roads don’t bother these guys!  Native red crested cardinals and chickens!

Waterfalls abound on the east coast of Maui, in Hana.And the O‘heo Gulch with Seven Sacred Pools.

As do the seaside vistas..And the black sand beaches.

The perfect day has a spectacular ending at sunset with a view of the crescent isle, Molokini


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