Book Tour/Business Week

Catch Jason Vines this Tuesday, March 22, at noon at Northern Kentucky University as the keynote speaker for Business Week 2016. His speech, “Navigating Communications through a Sea of Lies” will focus on today’s hot topics in politics, business and society.  Jason will have copies of his most recent book Jimmy Hoffa Called My Mom a Bitch for sale at the event and will answer questions about all things Business/PR related. 

 Jason’s 3rd book, The Last American CEO is available now for pre-order on and will be out in you local bookstores September 15!  It is a fantastic read!

2 thoughts on “Book Tour/Business Week

    1. Mary,
      He probably won’t have any more for Jimmy Hoffa… They tend to be under-attended. He will be speaking at Northwood University in Midland on April 18, and the book is in all the local Detroit Barnes and Nobles. When the new book, The Last American CEO Comes out in fall, he will be back for more signings! Thanks for asking.


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