Chinatown Gem/ Las Vegas eats

One of my passions is exploring the parts of cities where the locals go.  Eating the food and having the experiences that are true to your destination.  Most folks who visit Las Vegas stay on the strip and feast on fast food, designer chef restaurants and buffets.  If you are willing to stretch a little further, you will have some wonderful dining experiences that don’t break the bank.  We discovered a little gem in Chinatown called Inyo.  A no frills setting in a strip mall serves up some of the best Asian cuisine I have ever had. 

Though they appear to have caught the eye of a couple people, the restaurant was mostly empty when we arrived at 7:30pm.  I could tell it was going to be good when the seats started filling up around 8p.  That, and the chalkboard special….foie rinds.. 

 Fried pork rinds under a cloud of shaved foie gras, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with micro greens. Are you kidding me?

I can also recommend the Kushi skewers…especially the chicken skin and scallops… And the house smoked kurobuta pulled pork buns!!

One could just eat small plates here all night, but we were glad we decided to try the udon noodles.  My dish of uni udon was one of the best dishes I have ever eaten. Seriously. 

 Caviar and all.

The Tempura Udon did not disappoint either. 

 Next time you’re in Vegas, get off the strip and enjoy some of this great food.

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