Yes, Timmy, there is such a thing as a Blue Moon

Good friends and I were joking around one evening over many cocktails.  The topic of discussion was whether or not a Blue Moon indeed exists. Well….turns out that it does…but we’re only able to see it once every 30 months or so…

Tonight, dear Tim, I captured this for you…. 

 “In the past, a blue moon was used to mean “rare,” but now the name is given to any full moon that is the second to appear in one calendar month. The lunar cycle is around 29 and a half days, and months of the year are between 28 and 31 days long. The probability of a full lunar cycle, from full moon to full moon, occurring precisely during this time window is therefore not very high. The next blue moon, by this definition, is going to be on January 31, 2018 – around two and a half years from now. There will be another blue moon two months after that on March 31, 2018, after which it will be another two-year wait.” – Caroline Reid, writer at IFL Science


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