D.C. Eats

One could live in a city like DC for years and barely make a dent in its eating scene.  Although, every time we visit I get another chance to try!  Toki Undergound anyone?  

Good timing and patience is a must at this tiny, no reservation gem in the H Street Corridor.  Fortunately for us, we arrived at quarter to 5pm and were second in line!  

Quirky decor, loud music….let the games begin! 


Grab a stool, get a beer or cocktail and decide what type of wonderful house made noodles you would like.  But first…. try an appetizer or two… 

We sampled the pickles and a seasonal special, sautéed ramps 


Of the ramen selections our party chose the Kimchi bowl, redolent with pulled pork, greens, kimchi and a soft, soft boiled egg.  The other ramen choice was Taipei Curry Chicken with fried chicken, curry, greens and again a very softly boiled egg to stir in.   


As for me, I’ll take the Abura Tsukemen.  Pork fat noodles, pulled pork, scallions and other aromatics. Served with a side dish of a wonderful dipping sauce which only enhances the experience. 


For added flavor, try some fried shrimp heads or some chicken butts on top of any of the noodle dishes!

Yes……I will! 


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