Arizona the Beautiful is tasty too!

Something about Arizona puts a spell on me.  The vistas are beautiful…yes… 



   But it’s more than the beauty…..I feel good here….I feel well here….I feel a sense of calm here….. 

I cannot explain it….but I LOVE it!

And, I’ve discovered some pretty  awesome eats here in Tuscon……

Let me tell you that name is no mere boast!  This chef is a master at  combining fresh  ingredients and ideas with classic techniques like roasting braising and souvieing.  In a space that doubles as a carry out gourmet/wine market, Feast breaks all the conventions expected in a fine dining establishment. The wine list is extensive, but trust me and try a cocktail before dinner.   


 I tried Opiate of the People. Dare I say it was one of my top three favorites!

For starters my companion and I decided to try the braised rabbit and bacon in a whole grain mustard cream sauce over fried green tomatoes and an appetizer sized fried chicken liver salad that was a revelation.  The livers sat atop frisée greens with sliced fingerling potatoes and candied kumquats sat like jewels alongside the livers. Simply wonderful! 


 Our entrees brought even more surprises.  Roasted octopus and pork in a deep,smoky,rich paprika sauce with cannelini beans and spinach and paper thin slices of Spanish chorizo. We wanted to lick the bowl! 


My grilled duck breast was perfectly cooked to medium as I requested, and the mashed minted peas and cantelope with a Parmesan tuille with a drizzle of truffle vinaigrette provided the unexpected taste explosion I was hoping for. 

For dessert, we wanted something light to share so we ordered a wonderfully buoyant pavlova floating on a lake of green tea creme anglaise.  A scattering of edible petals, berries and candied almonds completes the symphony. 

  Pretty, good, peaceful, beautiful……Arizona

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