What a Hoot! What a Life! What a Man! R.I.P my friend

Such a pleasure to know “Hoot”. He will be sorely missed by family and friends.


My friend Martin “Hoot” McInerney died yesterday. He was 86, but he lived about 150 years of life to the fullest. Hoot was a hoot. His smile could light up a room as he peered at you through those squinty eyes. My condolences to his wife of 64 years Patricia.

Every time I asked Hoot to support a charity I was working with, he did not hesitate in writing a check. He loved Detroit and Detroit loved him back.

Hoot’s sense of humor was wicked. We used to produce an annual parody show called the Detroit Press Club SteakOut. There were live acts and taped bits. It was off-the-record and a bit ribald. Check that: it was purposefully dirty. No one was off limits – Kwame, Zetsche, Gov. Granholm, Geoffrey Fieger, Bill Bonds, Brooks Patterson, you name them.

Hoot starred in two video skits. The first one I can’t remember…

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