Special Foods continued…..

Turkey comes out of the freezer and into the fridge today. Baking begins so my one oven kitchen is not overwhelmed on Thanksgiving Day. I have decided to make letterbanket, or more familiarly known as Dutch Letters. Their origin goes back to Holland during the Sinterklaus festivals around Christmastime and since my husband hails from a little Dutch town in Iowa called Pella, I thought this would be a wonderful addition to our Thanksgiving table.
With no recipe to follow, I work from my memory of these wonderful treats. The Dutch really love almond, so marzipan filling features prominently in many of their recipes. I roll the marzipan into a long narrow worm-shaped piece and surround this with puff pastry. After shaping into the requisite “S”, the letters are brushed with an egg/milk wash and sprinkled with sugar and sliced almonds. Into a 400 degree oven for approximately 15 minutes.


I like my results! Can’t wait for my family to try!

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