Rx…the prescription for great food

Ah, Sunday Brunch…the great American past time for the hair of the dog or just a leisurely meal with family and friends. On a drizzly Sunday morning in Wilmington,we venture downtown, or more accurately to the artsy side of town, to enjoy brunch at a well respected eatery called Rx. We start with DIY mimosas and a bloody mary. DIY means they bring you a bottle of brut champagne and a mason jar of freshly squeezed OJ. Fun! The Bloody is spicy and loaded with veggies..a veritable salad in a glass! Cucumber slice, olives, pickle, lime, lemon…did I forget anything? Next come house made mini biscuits that are flaky, buttery and just plain delicious. We decide on a goat cheese and mushroom omelette with a side of some of the best grits we have ever eaten out. Smoked cheddar is the secret ingredient that elevates this dish from the ordinary southern staple.


IMG_1855.JPG Braised pork belly over these same creamy, smokey grits topped with a sunny side up fried egg is just heavenly. The grits swim in a shallow pool of the braising liquid and the egg is runny enough to add to the unctuousness of the sauce.

Our final entree of a take on steak and eggs is made even more wonderful by the pan roasted potatoes which serve as a pillow for the two fried eggs. And then there are the roasted green beans ( is that bacon fat they are roasted in, Chef?) salty, crisp and unexpectedly good.

Although we are pleasantly sated by our main courses, we cannot stop ourselves from ordering a dessert. Apple pie with goat cheese with a goats milk whipped cream atop does not disappoint.

Now top off a wonderful brunch experience food wise with attentive and informative waitstaff who understand the farm-to-table concept and what do you have? Rx is the right prescrition.


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