Silver Spring gets sassy

What would you call a place with house made charcuterie, pasta dishes, big steaks, outstanding empanadas, asian ribs and Moroccan-influenced nuances that looks like a garage filled with knick-knacks? I’ll call it delicious.
Urban Butcher is a raucous, roller coaster ride of a place that delights the senses IF you choose wisely. You will not be disappointed by the display of meats and the hip, urban vibe.


Likewise, any combination of meats and cheeses, served with a BIG slice of grilled bread, whole grain mustard and cornichons is sure to make you happy.

Appetizers are eclectic. Mussels in a fiery jalapeño and cilantro broth are tasty. Lamb tartare is spiced with North African goodness and served atop large grilled handmade pita bread and splashed with chili oil. Perfect!


Our party ordered some sides to complement the above, and they were also wonderful choices. French fries perfectly cooked served with aioli and ketchup and an order of grilled broccolini served with yet another Moroccan inspired touch…grilled lemons.


The unexpected finale…..Chocolate soufflé in an extra large ramekin great for sharing topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream tableside!

I predict Urban Butcher will remain a local fave for quite some time.

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