The Morrison House revisited…

On a slow holiday weekend I decide to give the Grille at the Morrison House a second chance to win me over.
The cozy piano bar/grill side of the restaurant is more than enough to set the stage for a great meal.

Our party orders two appetizers, which our fantastic waiter, Martin, deftly separates into two servings so everyone at the table has access. Escargot in a garlic butter sauce are perfectly cooked and delicious.
Steak tartare, unusual in its consistency, but flavorful and strangely addictive, is topped with a fried quail egg. I personally would have preferred a raw egg atop the tartare to mix into the chefs chop, but other members of my party disagreed.


20140707-201123-72683716.jpgOur entrees don’t fail to impress either. Vichyssoise so smooth and creamy you mistake it for creme fraiche, serves as a soft pillow under pickled hen o’the woods mushrooms, the perfect acidic accompaniment to expertly seared snapper.
Bison hanger steak cooked to a perfect rare!
Filet mignon seasoned to perfection and done to the temp requested with whipped potatoes and green beans bundled with chive ties.



20140707-202026-73226100.jpgDessert continues the wonder. Profiteroles fit for a king, stuffed with three different ice creams and topped with a dark chocolate sauce.
Petit fours don’t stick to standards.


20140707-202818-73698582.jpgIt’s all good…

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