Ambience isn’t everything….

It is Mother’s Day. I want to visit the Grille at the Morrison House for brunch. We’ve tried to dine here so many times for special occasions and have yet to experience this Old Town treasure. So finally I am really ready to enjoy the day and expect a great experience. it just didn’t happen. Not today…probably not ever… When a restaurant rests on its laurels and a captive audience, it becomes an overpriced cliche.
First issue is that the website says Mother’s Day pre fixe menu AND a la carte is available, which makes me very happy because I am really interested in a couple of the regular menu dishes. NOT SO.
Second issue is that our waiter does not speak English well enough to answer our questions. His service is spotty, slow, and disorganized. We are not served bread until we ask. We are having to repeat everything we say. Our water glasses are never refilled.
Third issue is the misrepresentation of menu items. Eggs Hussarde is billed as poached eggs over crispy russet potatoes, with hollandaise, a Marchands de vin and house made linguica. Sounds great. Imagine my surprise when the dishes come to our table and I see two poached eggs “resting” inside whole potato skin halves that have been thrown into a deep fryer, no Marchands de vin sauce, and burnt sausage!
Finally, it is Mother’s Day. I repeat MOTHER’S Day. Management, please instruct the waitstaff that women at the table who are obviously the celebrants of the day, should always be served FIRST, not last.


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