A short day of work, a client who has lots of little chores to be accomplished before he returns home to Asia, lots of housework and not a lot of cooking. Once again I am relegated to hors d oeuvres instead of a full dinner. I throw together some little filo packages filled with a mushroom duxelles. I am feeling like an expert at making these little packages now. Layer, butter, layer, butter, layer, butter, filling, squeeze all ends together and twist and squeeze again. A little more butter on top to brown up nicely.

Shrimp and grits up next. Grits are a chefs best friend. They come together quickly and never disappoint! I use half milk and half salted water. I bring to a boil and add grits or cornmeal and whisk like crazy for about 1 minute. Then I add the good stuff: Grated cheddar, butter, crumbled bacon and pepper! I top the grits with shrimp sautéed in butter, hot sauce, tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce.
and Worcestershire

TGIF indeed!


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