I don’t like fish….or Brussels sprouts!

Mr. Client has an aversion to fish. Mr. Client has a business meeting that will include lunch. Mr. Client will be served fish for lunch. Am I crazy?! Call me crazy like a fox.
Whenever I encounter a person who says they don’t like fish, I deign to serve them Chilean Sea Bass with a burnt butter sauce. Today’s lunch will make my client a convert to fish. Chilean Sea Bass is mild in flavor and has a wonderful, firm, white flesh that will make a believer out of any fish hater! I bake the Sea Bass at 365° for approximately 20 minutes dressed only with salt and pepper and a little olive oil to prevent sticking in the pan. In the mean time, I prepared velouté of fresh green peas, scallion, salt and pepper, butter and lemon juice to be a bed for my fish. Steamed broccolini, and boiled baby redskins in a lemon pepper butter complete the accompaniments. Here’s the secret! Brown 2 teaspoons of butter in a pan whilst the fish cooks. As soon as the fish comes out of the oven, pour the burnt butter over top. Garnish with lemon wedges.

Mr. Client is having a guest over for cocktails, so I put together a cheese plate quickly near the end of my day. Although dinner is solo this evening, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Some leftovers of Shepherds Pie act as main course, but I need to supplement this with side dishes. A nice side salad is easy. I want to use some wonderful fresh Brussels sprouts which I found at the market last week. Problem is…. Client comes into the kitchen and tells me he HATES Brussels sprouts…ugh! Well, I tell him, I hate them too! But I remind him about lunch, and I win him over..I think….
My best Brussels sprouts recipe is roasted in the oven with bacon, salt, pepper, and wild mushrooms. I finish with a simple vinaigrette of nutmeg, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and Dijon mustard. yummy!





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