Bach-ing it…steakhouse style!

Sometimes you just need to let loose and enjoy a nice steak! Although my Monday starts in the usual way with lots and lots of household chores, as the day wears on, I become emboldened to give Mr. Client a really simple, hearty, steakhouse style dinner. He has a ton of business and social meetings this last week in the States, so sneaking in my last few chances for great dinners is getting difficult. He advises me of his schedule late In the day so I opt for the ribeye steak tonight.
As per usual, he likes to begin the evening with some type of hors d oeuvres, so I put together a nice meat and cheese platter for starters.

Next, I begin an old favorite from Jaques Pepin, Potatoes Fondants. Creamy, herby little potatoes that area perfect accompaniment to any protein, but especially beef. You cannot believe how these beauties melt in your mouth! And believe it or not they are fairly diet friendly! Baby Yukon Golds cooked to soft-tender in chicken broth laced with Rosemary-smashed, and then cooked some more…. until they have absorbed all the broth and a little butter. These have NEVER let me down.

Side salad…to make you feel good about what comes next!

Finally…the beast……Cooked stovetop on medium high heat in melted butter after marinating for one hour in my secret steak mixture! Oh yeah!



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