Thank God it’s Friday

The weekend is upon us and my thoughts, as well as my Client’s turn toward entertaining at happy hour. Mrs. Client’s table linens have arrived and fit each dining room fabulously. I spend 2 hours ironing the two tablecloths because the dining room’s linens are so large they really require a double board, which unfortunately I do not have. 108″ rounds are hard to press because without double-size boards you are constantly trying to keep the already ironed fabric from pooling on the ground and re-wrinkling! It is a task that I don’t relish…but I carry on…..
Tonight’s hors d’oeuvres consist of a cheese plate of goat Gouda and local artisan burrata with crackers.

Filo bundles of ground lamb, feta, mint, dill, salt, pepper, oregano, and Parmesan are buttery, crisp and warm.

The final offering is on the sweet side… Filo strudel of pitted prunes, cream cheese, gruyere and sugar with cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg. The roll is topped with melted butter and sugar and baked at 360° for 12 minutes.

The weekend is here!


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