Saturday is flower day

Alstroemerias, alstroemerias everywhere! One of the least expensive and longest lasting flowers are a favorite of Mr. Client. The ones he purchased 2 weeks ago have started to wilt after three re cuttings with fresh water so today my first order of business is to buy more. I underestimate the number of vases to be filled, so I come up short. No worries, more will be furnished by tomorrow!
My clients attended a garden walk this morning and they are ravished when they return. A quick lunch of grilled cheese (gruyere and Swiss) and pastrami sandwiches with a salad of tender greens with Granny Smith apples, Gorgonzola and a balsamic vinaigrette is served within minutes.

Mrs. Client has returned to Hong Kong today, so Mr. requests a salad and sandwich for dinner, which I leave in the icebox for him to eat at his leisure. I make a small Caesar salad (to be dressed later), a ham, chicken breast, and provolone sandwich, and thaw out some leftover pastichio to be eaten tomorrow. No pics….sorry:(

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