Thank God it’s Friday, gluten free!

The clients ask for an early lunch as they are meeting with their general contractor and designer at 1:00pm. So I quickly throw together a sandwich of lettuce, gruyere, chicken breast, chili mayo and butter accompanied by a tossed salad with mixed greens, asparagus, mushrooms, fennel, green onion, Gorgonzola and vinaigrette. No complaints.

Original plans were for gluten-free appetizers for four between 6-7pm tonight. Mid-afternoon I am advised by Mr. Client that only one guest will be joining them for hors d’ oeuvres. At 5:10pm, Mr. Advises that guest will be joining them for dinner in house, not just hors d’oeuvres. Thank God I have two proteins thawed out!
Cocktails will be accompanied by chicken satay with peanut dipping sauce and crudités with a light homemade ranch sauce.


I decide on a middle eastern/Greek theme for dinner. It includes brown rice pilaf, hummus, mini pitas, keftedes of chicken with a tzadiki sauce, and watermelon, feta and mint salad. Yassou!
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