Italian Challenge

Clients ask me to create an italian dinner to dazzle a friend who considers himself somewhat of a cuocco. I have a few italian tricks up my sleeve… so I accept. But first lunch…. A curry chicken salad with scallions, cranberries, celery, and walnut halves is welcomed by my clients. My use of low fat mayo and yoghurt keep it light. Just what the trainer ordered. A side of berries rounds out the meal.

Dinner begins with appetizers in line with my Italian theme. Blanched asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, bruschetta of heirloom tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil, and cheese triangles (oops those are Greek).


Now for the center stage…. Scratch made Caesar salad (yes it has anchovies and egg yolk in it) and fettuccini alla carbonara (egg yolks again)! Beware vampires….garlic is in the house!


Alas, I forgot to take a picture of my picture-perfect cherry clofuttis with vanilla ice cream. It was a long day…but the umms and aahs from the dining room were enough for my ego!


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