La Bergerie, c’est si Bon!

Finally a trip to La Bergerie is complete! Of all the high end choices in Old Town, this is the most genuine. Not because you feel like you’ve arrived in France when you dine here, just because you feel that there is a chef at the helm who is giving you exactly what you have paid for! From the beginning amuse, to the expertly prepared table side Caesar salad to the Grand Marnier soufflĂ© ( Julia Child would have been proud)! Dine here on a Monday night for whole lobster flambe in cognac over a saffron risotto for only $22! A bottle of wine is discounted 30%! Escargot are sublime, garlicky and tender. Dover sole with a side of truffled orzo, delicious! Our special occasion dinner here will not be forgotten. I shall return!


2 thoughts on “La Bergerie, c’est si Bon!

  1. Oh my gosh… Grande Marinier and Lobster… Where might I go for this piece de resistance ( Brooklyn spelling )? Hope all is well with U:). Mary T


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