Isn’t it silly not to see Philly?

On a day trip to the city of brotherly love, I wandered about freely only slightly inconvenienced by the groups of tourists as I took in the sights, sounds and tastes of a great place. We stayed at the Radisson Warwick on 17th Street which is an excellent starting point for walking the city center. The room was large for a downtown hotel and the concierge level hospitality suite with breakfast, drinks and hors d’ouvres and some desserts refreshed us as needed. Living only two hours away by car I cannot believe how hard it is to get a good cheesesteak in D.C, when even the lowliest seeming street cart serves up the most juicy delicious version I have ever had! After my sightseeing was completed, I took refuge at a little gem of a place called The Dandelion. If we had stayed another night, I would have been back for dinner! A gastropub that serves tea time small bites fit for the most discerning palate paired with some wickedly good classic cocktails (and some new ones too). I was soooo silly not to visit Philly sooner!










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