Mount Vernon on a sunny day….


The first thing that strikes me about the ride down to Mount Vernon from Alexandria is the overgrowth of greenery down the George Washington Memorial Parkway. It is a sunny Saturday in May and the bike paths are filled with people enjoying the excellent spring weather. This is a convertible-top-down kind of day in the best kind of way! The Potomac looks so different down here…it actually looks inviting and fresh…so unlike its appearance in the District. We take Mount Vernon for granted when we live here, like we take the many wonderful attractions in D.C. for granted. It is wonderful to behold this piece of our uniquely American experience. I felt more centered as a citizen as I walked through the grounds and the mansion. I want to remember to come back every year…so I never begin to take this for is worthwhile and worthy. Come one, come all








One thought on “Mount Vernon on a sunny day….

  1. I remember when Voula ,the girls and I were there Brought back many memories Thanks for sharing yours Nick Vlahos


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