Great food in Old Town Alexandria

When you visit Columbia Firehouse on St. Asaph Street in wonderful Old Town do expect to have fun. Have fun with the chef’s playful bar menu offerings. Have fun with the mixologists interesting cocktails. Have fun with the people at the next table…..oops… Is that supposed to be fun? Yes, dear foodie, it is a good thing when fellow diners tell you about what they are enjoying. It is a good thing when a place makes you feel so relaxed that you feel ok commenting on your neighbor table’s conversation. It is a good thing when you visit a restaurant four times and don’t get turned away at the door (all on Friday and Saturday by the way) because the host staff tries hard to find a place for you. And it is a GREAT thing when you cannot find a bad dish on the menu! That being said, here are my standouts: house made corn dogs, steak tartare tacos and steak tartare, Reuben egg roll, Bison short ribs, cookies and confections (the dessert a la hostess) wink, wink đŸ˜‰

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