Good food in Old Town Alexandria

Well, I couch this under great food because it could be great…with some work…what do you get when you cross a chef who knows how to cook meat with a great beer list and a restaurant with a games area….a gastropub… That is what Light Horse restaurant could be…but isn’t. Because the owners haven’t recognized their chef’s gift…..understanding proteins, flavor profiles, and guilty pleasures. The good: fried Brussels sprouts, bistro filet, pulled pork, hot chocolate and cookies…the bad: braised (not) fennel and camembert sauce appetizer, steak tartare with the purple potato fries…the ugly: the sauce on the filet, the cabbage and mole ( too much), the missing bread basket, decor. Little work…lotsa potential!
Update on the Light Horse in Old Town……
We recently returned again (it has been several actually) to this Old Town favorite of ours. The menu has been revamped showcasing only the chefs strong suits! We loved the smoked and sauced chicken wings, brussels sprouts, hamburgers and hand cut fries. Our deviled egg app was a topic of conversation for hours as we tried to ply the recipe from our waitress! Hard boiled eggs are peeled and soaked in soy until they color slightly. The yolk is mixed with a miso paste and they are topped with a thin slice of pepper and siracha. Delicious!
Our waitress was knowledgable about the food and alcohol..she helped me find a new beer I loved!
There will be many happy and hungry returns!


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