Day five …finally





We began the day at the Western Wall, or the wailing wall…a very sacred place for the Jewish people. It is also the site of Mt. Moriah or the Temple Mount. We each got a chance to touch the wall…there is such a feeling of gravity here for me. The side that women can touch is quite a bit smaller than the men’s side so I have included my husbands photos to show that many synagogue groups come there to celebrate the Jewish rite of Bar Mitzvah, etc. That is to say that the wall is not just for wailing anymore.




We sometimes forget that Jerusalem is a holy city for three religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. We enter the Morroccan gate and see the mosque built on the site of the rock that carried Mohammed to heaven. We are standing in the place where Christ taught in the Temple and we are at the site of the holy of holies for the Jews. It is amazing!





One thought on “Day five …finally

  1. Betsy,

    Such beautiful pictures. Looks like such a wonderful experience…and the weather even appears to be cooperating (sunny skies!!!).

    Thanks for taking the time to post these great pictures. Your “extended” family in Chicago really appreciates it!!

    Chris Pappas


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