Three/four and more





Good Sunday Morning all! We have arrived at the Holy City of Jerusalem. Our accommodations at the Grand Hotel are quite nice, and we are all filled with new vigor for the magnificence of our faithful discoveries.
The first pictures you see are of the actual rock beneath Christ’s tomb at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This place is actually a cluster of several buildings, the oldest of which was built by St. Helen, the mother of Constantine the Great, in 335AD, on the very spot where it is believed Christ was crucified and buried. The lower photos are of some of the interior iconography of the Church.

We were privileged to witness a midnight liturgy with a bishop from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. We all received holy communion at this inspiring place in the wee hours of the morning.
Also inside is a small chapel dedicated to St. Loginus, the centurion who witnessed Christ’s divinity in Matthew 27:54
When one sees such things it is hard to deny. Please come to see for yourselves someday soon.








One thought on “Three/four and more

  1. I am so excited and Happy that all of you are inspired and havining a wonderful experience. Stay safe and looking forward to hearing more. Many prayers and love to all.


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