More third day wonders






The name of Jericho quite possibly means “place of fragrance”, and the area surrounding this ancient city is prized for its verdant nature. While in Jericho, we tour a church at the site of the sycamore tree which St. Zachaeus climbed in order to see Jesus (Luke 19:1-10). A portion of this ancient tree is seen behind glass in the courtyard of this tiny church. We sampled sycamore nuts and dried fruits and enjoyed a lunch of local dishes al fresco. This is the site of the epic battle of Jericho where the wall came tumbling down with the power of God manifest in Joshua’s hands. Joshua 6:12-21

We continued to the Mount of Temptation, where Christ was tempted by Satan three times. Matthew 4:1-11 We were given the opportunity to climb or take a cable car to the top of the Mount in order to visit a Greek Orthodox monastery there, but with so much left to see on our itinerary that day we chose to stay closer to sea level!
Kathy S. was also tempted at this site. She succumbed to the temptation to ride a camel! What an experience!
She succumbed to the once in a lifetime chance to ride a camel!












4 thoughts on “More third day wonders

  1. Hi Betsy,
    Cant tell you how wonderful it is to be able to travel this journey with all of you through this blog. Thank you so much for keeping the St George family here at home so close to all of you who were blessed to be able to make this awesome trip. Stay Well , Be Safe and Regards to alll,
    Cindy Gabriel


  2. Your trip looks fabulous thus far. As I read the daily blog I am amazed that you are in the very steps that Jesus traveled. So cool! Jerusalem and Petra are going to be great, just wait!


  3. Thanks, Betsy, for the wonderful photos. You have truly kept the entire St. George family connected. As a result, I’m sure there will be many people interested in the next trip. —- Everyone looks healthy and happy. Stay that way. Love to everyone and safe travels.

    Kixie Cosma


  4. Wow, what a wonderful way to see the Holy Land.
    Take lots of pictures and notes.
    I miss you, Kathy Sheiko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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