More day two…


Those who don’t believe in miracles, need only to visit a city like Nazareth. So instrumental to the beginnings of Christianity, and yet such an example of the courage that it takes to be a Christian in this part of the world. May God’s grace continue to strengthen these soldiers of our Lord!
The upper pictures are of the Orthodox Church of St. Gabriel which stands at the site of the Annunciation; the announcement to Mary by the angel Gabriel that she was to give birth to the Messiah. A still functioning well called Mary’s Spring is adjacent to the church courtyard. You can see it in the first pictures.









The pictures at the bottom are from the Greek Orthodox church of St. George at the site of the first miracle of Christ’s ministry; turning water into wine at a marriage feast in Cana. Christ was a reluctant miracle worker here according to John 2:4, but this became the first of many to come. The large stone vessel shown in these pictures is one of two at this site believed to possibly be the actual vessels used to contain the transformed wine.

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