Newark airport… On our way!







7 thoughts on “Newark airport… On our way!

  1. Koumbara…LOVE all the pictures! I know my parents are in good hands! So fun to see all of you together! Hope the flight went smoothly!


  2. Betsy,

    Thanks soooooo much for doing this. I love the pictures. Have a great time… and keep an eye on my Mom and Dad.

    What great fun!!!!!

    Love to you and Jason,

    Chris Pappas


  3. Hope everything is well. Keep your heads together and enjoy the history! Take a lot of pictures of The Jordon River. Everyone here misses you all. Make a lot of good memories! Love you all Greg, ATHINA’S mate. Hope and pray NO RAIN PLEASE!!! Will he listen?


  4. Hey Betsy,
    Great blog, my Mom just filled me in on your trip! Looks like a wonderful time. Got a few questions, wanted to ask my Uncle Ernie what he was eating in Newark airport and who is using a cane. Have a spiritual jounery. Thanks, looking forward to following your time in Jerusalem.
    Angela Pantelides Territo


  5. Betsy, thank you for your pix…what a great time you all must be enjoying..I received this through Stella and I am sooo happy to see all the familiar faces from my old parish…love to you and Jason…aunt bess


  6. Betsy, thanks for all the photos. Tell everyone that church was just not the same today without all the “regulars”. Miss all of you. Continued safe travels. Love, Judy


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