The wait is over!

Hope everyone is ready for our upcoming trip… We will all begin this journey as individuals, but we will return as one in faith….safe travels all…and don’t forget your bibles and passports!

5 thoughts on “The wait is over!

  1. What a wonderful idea to have this blog! Have a great trip everyone! You will all be in my prayers. Kristina (Nick’s Daughter)


  2. Yes, this is awesome, thanks for setting this up. Will be praying for a safe journey and a fruitful visit to the Holy Land for the whole group. Looking forward to checking the blog while you are gone.
    Stephanie (Nick’s other daughter)


  3. Hello Betsy and fellow St. George travelers,
    Wishing you all safe travels. I hope that this experience fills your hearts and souls.
    Have a lot of fun.
    Thank you Betsy for taking the time to share with us.
    Love and Prayers to everyone,
    Faye Moutousis


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