Road Trip 2016

Cross country road trippin’ with my baby girl who’s relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Day 1 began in Washington, DC and meandered through the rolling hills of western Virginia.    Above, the countryside of Winchester, VA.  Below, a larger than life cross in Bristol, VA.    The Volunteer state of Tennessee…      Even got a shot of the Sun Sphere …a last bastion of the Worlds Fair.    Onward to Nashville!!  Home of the Grand Ole Opry!   This town was hopping!  Quite the night life there but we were too beat from the long day of driving so we settled for … Continue reading Road Trip 2016

The most wonderful wings in the world!

Chi Mc, Chi Mc oh how I have missed you! When you think of Annandale, VA chicken wings don’t normally come to mind….but they should. This tiny strip mall restaurant is set back from the road in a corner so nondescript that I drove by it twice trying to find it the first time. Then, I am informed that the wings take 35 minutes to prepare! I almost made the biggest mistake of my life and walked out. A cool head prevailed and I waited it out while sipping a beer. Chi Mc Chicken and Beer will not prepare your … Continue reading The most wonderful wings in the world!

La Bergerie, c’est si Bon!

Finally a trip to La Bergerie is complete! Of all the high end choices in Old Town, this is the most genuine. Not because you feel like you’ve arrived in France when you dine here, just because you feel that there is a chef at the helm who is giving you exactly what you have paid for! From the beginning amuse, to the expertly prepared table side Caesar salad to the Grand Marnier soufflĂ© ( Julia Child would have been proud)! Dine here on a Monday night for whole lobster flambe in cognac over a saffron risotto for only $22! … Continue reading La Bergerie, c’est si Bon!

Mount Vernon on a sunny day….

The first thing that strikes me about the ride down to Mount Vernon from Alexandria is the overgrowth of greenery down the George Washington Memorial Parkway. It is a sunny Saturday in May and the bike paths are filled with people enjoying the excellent spring weather. This is a convertible-top-down kind of day in the best kind of way! The Potomac looks so different down here…it actually looks inviting and fresh…so unlike its appearance in the District. We take Mount Vernon for granted when we live here, like we take the many wonderful attractions in D.C. for granted. It is … Continue reading Mount Vernon on a sunny day….

Great food in Old Town Alexandria

Vermillion is red, but not red hot. This quaint little Old Town spot has a lot going for it. Its popularity cannot be questioned, even POTUS dines here on special occasions. Chef Chittum does an exceptional job with several of the more complex dishes like the rockfish, the lobster tortellini, the jerusalem artichoke soup. He clearly understands flavors. Where he fell short on my recent visit was with the simplest seasoning…..salt. Oysters fried to perfection but lacking the very brine they grow in. Potatoes confit prepared so similarly to the Jaques Pepin Fondantes (minus the rosemary) I am so fond … Continue reading Great food in Old Town Alexandria

Great food in Old Town Alexandria

When you visit Columbia Firehouse on St. Asaph Street in wonderful Old Town do expect to have fun. Have fun with the chef’s playful bar menu offerings. Have fun with the mixologists interesting cocktails. Have fun with the people at the next table…..oops… Is that supposed to be fun? Yes, dear foodie, it is a good thing when fellow diners tell you about what they are enjoying. It is a good thing when a place makes you feel so relaxed that you feel ok commenting on your neighbor table’s conversation. It is a good thing when you visit a restaurant … Continue reading Great food in Old Town Alexandria

Good food in Old Town Alexandria

Well, I couch this under great food because it could be great…with some work…what do you get when you cross a chef who knows how to cook meat with a great beer list and a restaurant with a games area….a gastropub… That is what Light Horse restaurant could be…but isn’t. Because the owners haven’t recognized their chef’s gift…..understanding proteins, flavor profiles, and guilty pleasures. The good: fried Brussels sprouts, bistro filet, pulled pork, hot chocolate and cookies…the bad: braised (not) fennel and camembert sauce appetizer, steak tartare with the purple potato fries…the ugly: the sauce on the filet, the cabbage … Continue reading Good food in Old Town Alexandria

Great food in Old Town Alexandria

We visited Fontaine Cafe and Creperie twice this week, once for lunch and once for dinner. Although the menu did not change, the ambience did. In the evening there’s much more a French feel to the local eatery. The lights are dimmer, but the food is not. We were not disappointed in either visit by the Sultan, the Alexandrian, the Tuscan, the bruschettas or the onion tartlet. The wine prices are reasonable and OMG .the dessert crepes! All I can say is they’re the “sweetest thing”! I feel slightly cheated that we did not venture in sooner for fear that … Continue reading Great food in Old Town Alexandria