Burgers and fries “Vegas style”

Took a break from typical Vegas and visited off-strip gem Bacci Burgers for their innovative Asian themed burgers. From the ice-cold Nigori sake… To the oxtail chili cheese fries…spicy goodness…. …the most excellent Bahn mi Burger… Medium rare Angus burger with pork pate, fried egg and pickled carrot slaw.served with more house pickled veggies. And gilding the lily with truffle fries… Our amusing, former musician host completed the experience with his wit and abilities. So many off the strip gems here! Stay tuned for Hobak Korean Bbq in my next post! Continue reading Burgers and fries “Vegas style”

Great food in Old Town Alexandria

In an area with so many Asian food choices, it is often hard to choose which cuisine you are actually having a hankering for. Vietnamese cuisine is probably the hardest to pin down culturally, since it is a mix of Chinese, French, and a little Cambodian influence. It seems to be my go-to comfort cuisine, which is really something for a Greek-American girl to say. But there…..I’ve said it! I have found a little jewel of a place right in Old Town; Caphe Ban Mi on Cameron Street. What you get here is one of the best, homemade, non-MSG laden, … Continue reading Great food in Old Town Alexandria