Road Trip Day 3 aka Gettin’ kicks on Rte. 66

Lots more flat and boring driving through the rest of Oklahoma and northwest Texas.        But we persevered and finally got some wonderful scenery in New Mexico.     Route 66 does not disappoint here.  Beautiful red soil, mountains and desert like flora.            When we finally arrive in Albuquerque, we enjoy a slow vibe with a southwestern spin and lots of green chiles and sopes…until we hit Central Avenue by University of New Mexico. A hipster part of town with many restaurants, tattoo shops and neat boutiques, this is the place to be in Albuquerque.   This … Continue reading Road Trip Day 3 aka Gettin’ kicks on Rte. 66

Road Trip Day 2

Trippin’again with my baby girl on our way to Vegas.  Last stop in Tennessee is Memphis and then we reach the promised land of Arkansas.      First sight is an amazing Pentecostal Church along the I-40 corridor.  Followed by 200-300 miles of mostly flat highway.   Fear not! The wonderful rolling hills begin shortly before you leave Arkansas and enter Oklahoma.    And wonderful Oklahoma City was just such a pleasant surprise!  The Bricktown area is loaded with charm and plenty of nightlife.  We enjoyed a wonderful stroll down by the canal and a fun night out at the Bricktown Brewery.  … Continue reading Road Trip Day 2

Road Trip 2016

Cross country road trippin’ with my baby girl who’s relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Day 1 began in Washington, DC and meandered through the rolling hills of western Virginia.    Above, the countryside of Winchester, VA.  Below, a larger than life cross in Bristol, VA.    The Volunteer state of Tennessee…      Even got a shot of the Sun Sphere …a last bastion of the Worlds Fair.    Onward to Nashville!!  Home of the Grand Ole Opry!   This town was hopping!  Quite the night life there but we were too beat from the long day of driving so we settled for … Continue reading Road Trip 2016

Book #2 is available everywhere!

Post holiday shopping with a Barnes & Noble gift card?  Jimmy Hoffa called my mom a Bitch! Profiles in Stupidity is now available in all stores, even Falls Church, Virginia.  On a recent trip for dim sum at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Good Fortune Seafood, we discovered my husband’s book on the shelves and stopped for a photo-op.    No, it’s not being stocked in the kids section….that’s just Jason’s quirky sense of humor…Buy the book! You’ll understand! Continue reading Book #2 is available everywhere!

Welcome to the Greenbrier

Almost heaven, West Virginia! Why do I love thee Greenbrier, let me count the ways…… 57 daily activities to participate in. A world class spa. The beautiful Allegheny Mountains. Artisan shopping with unique items. Good, old fashioned southern hospitality. Gaming in the casino. Mint juleps and fried green tomatoes. A storied history of housing a presidential bunker. Rejuvenating mineral baths and sulphur springs. World class dining at a genteel pace. I could go on… If you ever have the opportunity to visit “America’s Resort”, The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia y’all better not pass it up! Continue reading Welcome to the Greenbrier

Our seventh day

Many of our group decided to take the ancient way in to visit the ruins at Petra…..via beasts of burden!! Today we visit the ancient city of Petra. The excavations here of the Nabatean peoples date from the 2nd century b.c. to the 4th century a.d. The pictures cannot do this wondrous place justice! What one needs to understand when looking at these pictures is that all of these cut rock formations are burial sites. We traveled over two miles on foot before we reached the most magnificent tomb, which is called the Treasury. That three story carved pink rock … Continue reading Our seventh day