Day eight part two..

After a small breakfast, the entire group traveled to the monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai, where we saw the actual descendant plant of the burning bush, the well where Moses met his wife, Zipporah,and the relics of St. Catherine. We were also treated to a viewing of the museum there which holds religious books, icons and writings over 1000 years old! We were not allowed to photograph these for obvious reasons, but their impression was lasting. As a footnote to this wonderful experience, I now feel doubly blessed, if that is even possible, that we all made it … Continue reading Day eight part two..

Day eight…Sinai at sunrise

Day eight began wih our drive into Egypt. We traveled through two country’s checkpoints in order to visit this ancient place. Once settled into the hotel, we ate dinner and slept for a couple hours. Half of our group woke at 2:30am to make the trek up Mt. Sinai for the sunrise. It did not disappoint! Traveling in Moses’ footsteps was humbling to say the least… The last 750 “steps” were the most difficult….but all 17 of us made it! Enjoy the pictures and come soon to do it yourself….if this isn’t on your bucket list, it should be! Update….prayers … Continue reading Day eight…Sinai at sunrise