Chinatown Gem/ Las Vegas eats

One of my passions is exploring the parts of cities where the locals go.  Eating the food and having the experiences that are true to your destination.  Most folks who visit Las Vegas stay on the strip and feast on fast food, designer chef restaurants and buffets.  If you are willing to stretch a little further, you will have some wonderful dining experiences that don’t break the bank.  We discovered a little gem in Chinatown called Inyo.  A no frills setting in a strip mall serves up some of the best Asian cuisine I have ever had.      Though they … Continue reading Chinatown Gem/ Las Vegas eats

Rain, rain go away…Panang Curry saves the day!

A cold, rainy day in  Wilmington brings the urge to cook a warming Thai dinner for hubby and I.  We both love Panang Curry and with the starter paste it is quite easy to prepare.  Tonight’s version is lenten ready using no oil, meat or fish, and of course no dairy. After thinning 2T of the paste with water or vegetable stock, I add celery, onions and mushrooms sliced on the bias.  10 ounces of coconut milk, 2T of brown sugar  and 2 kefir lime leaves complete the base.     Simmer slowly while cooking some coconut rice. For coconut rice: … Continue reading Rain, rain go away…Panang Curry saves the day!