Jamaican me crazy!

Mondays at work are always a lot of housekeeping days. Client has purchased more alstroemerias at the market, so first order of business is to cut and arrange at the locations throughout the house that were not changed last Saturday. I am feeling in the mood for some “comfy food” to counteract the rainy day we face today. Mr. Client is gone most of the day so I cannot run my menu by him, but I believe he will enjoy this offering. Jerked chicken (my recipe is on the mild side tonight) is accompanied by homemade cornbread with bits of … Continue reading Jamaican me crazy!

Personal Personnel

Today I faced the daunting task of outfitting a mostly barren kitchen with the pantry and food items required to cook two meals a day for my new clients. After re-examining the contents of the spice drawer, I moved on to searching out kitchen hardware. The brand new, extremely sharp Wusthof knife set brightened my spirits…temporarily. The kitchen I will occupy for the next 30 days has no food processor, KitchenAid mixer, mandolin, immersion blender , deep fryer or panini press. Alas, there are no nonstick fry pans, no large stock pots… What have I gotten myself into? This kitchen … Continue reading Personal Personnel