Flying fish-capades

We’ve visited the Flying Fish three weekends in a row! Is that enough of a ringing endorsement?! White tuna (escolar) is my new foodie crush….they have a tuna trio (tuna lover)that is outstanding! Mahi Mahi bites in a martini glass…oh so good….happy hour lasts til 8:00 pm on weekends downstairs…ask Charles to make your $5.00 drink! No way you can be disappointed here! Continue reading Flying fish-capades

Great Food in Old Town Alexandria

Let me preface this review of Taverna Cretekou on King Street in Old Town, Alexandria by saying that I am of Greek descent, so it is pretty near impossible for a Greek restaurant not on the Mediterranean to please me. The ones that have like Molyvos in NYC, and Kellari in DC, and the now closed, George’s in Bethesda, are either totally authentic or upscale with a certain chef’s license on their authenticity. I want to like Taverna Cretekou because the owners are nice people and it is a taste of my childhood and very nearby. I do like the … Continue reading Great Food in Old Town Alexandria

Great food in Old Town Alexandria

Vermillion is red, but not red hot. This quaint little Old Town spot has a lot going for it. Its popularity cannot be questioned, even POTUS dines here on special occasions. Chef Chittum does an exceptional job with several of the more complex dishes like the rockfish, the lobster tortellini, the jerusalem artichoke soup. He clearly understands flavors. Where he fell short on my recent visit was with the simplest seasoning…..salt. Oysters fried to perfection but lacking the very brine they grow in. Potatoes confit prepared so similarly to the Jaques Pepin Fondantes (minus the rosemary) I am so fond … Continue reading Great food in Old Town Alexandria

Good food in Old Town Alexandria

Well, I couch this under great food because it could be great…with some work…what do you get when you cross a chef who knows how to cook meat with a great beer list and a restaurant with a games area….a gastropub… That is what Light Horse restaurant could be…but isn’t. Because the owners haven’t recognized their chef’s gift…..understanding proteins, flavor profiles, and guilty pleasures. The good: fried Brussels sprouts, bistro filet, pulled pork, hot chocolate and cookies…the bad: braised (not) fennel and camembert sauce appetizer, steak tartare with the purple potato fries…the ugly: the sauce on the filet, the cabbage … Continue reading Good food in Old Town Alexandria

Great food in Old Town Alexandria

We visited Fontaine Cafe and Creperie twice this week, once for lunch and once for dinner. Although the menu did not change, the ambience did. In the evening there’s much more a French feel to the local eatery. The lights are dimmer, but the food is not. We were not disappointed in either visit by the Sultan, the Alexandrian, the Tuscan, the bruschettas or the onion tartlet. The wine prices are reasonable and OMG .the dessert crepes! All I can say is they’re the “sweetest thing”! I feel slightly cheated that we did not venture in sooner for fear that … Continue reading Great food in Old Town Alexandria