Go with the Flo? Lessons I have learned from surviving a hurricane….

1. PEOPLE not possessions. 2. If you live on the coast, buy a generator. 3. Flashlights (and batteries) for EVERY room in your house. 4. Keep a supply of non-perishable food items in your pantry AT ALL TIMES. 5. Be patient, kind and helpful when you can. 6. Never underestimate the power of nature. 7. Water (and wine) will keep you from going insane. 8. Hard boiled eggs last for almost a week unrefrigerated. 9. In a pinch, evaporated milk makes scrambled eggs unbelievably creamy. 10. Having a grill with charcoal is a necessity. 11. Believe in the kindness and … Continue reading Go with the Flo? Lessons I have learned from surviving a hurricane….

Dorado, mackerel and whales….oh my!

Half day fishing trip on the Sea of Cortez was a blast, even if we did have to rise at an ungodly hour.  We witnessed an awesome sunrise as we left the Marina in San Jose del Cabo. Saw some whales spouting about 2 miles offshore. Then, started the fishing with mackerel coming first. A couple 20 lb. Dorado (mahi mahi)got hooked next. Some trigger fish and another mackerel to follow. A beautiful day on the water! Continue reading Dorado, mackerel and whales….oh my!

Danaus plexippus in NC

We are experiencing a beautiful influx of migrating Monarch butterflies here in Wilmington, NC.  They are particularly drawn to lantana and butterfly bush…especially this one in our neighborhood!  www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/m/monarch-butterfly Can you see them?  Take a closer look! Many thanks to my neighbors Paul and Bonnie for brightening my day! Continue reading Danaus plexippus in NC