Road Trip Day 4

Left behind New Mexico today and continued our journey west on historic Route 66, aka I-40.     The welcome to Arizona sign opens up some wonderful scenery.  After all the flatlands in Oklahoma and Texas, we are really enjoying the beauty of our surroundings.    I never tire of the mountains, the red soil, the rocks, the caves and canyons in Arizona. I get a wonderful, peaceful feeling whenever I am in this state.             On the approach to Sedona, the beautiful Coconino National Forest gives way to the most stupendous of sights….        And then there’s … Continue reading Road Trip Day 4

Road Trip Day 3 aka Gettin’ kicks on Rte. 66

Lots more flat and boring driving through the rest of Oklahoma and northwest Texas.        But we persevered and finally got some wonderful scenery in New Mexico.     Route 66 does not disappoint here.  Beautiful red soil, mountains and desert like flora.            When we finally arrive in Albuquerque, we enjoy a slow vibe with a southwestern spin and lots of green chiles and sopes…until we hit Central Avenue by University of New Mexico. A hipster part of town with many restaurants, tattoo shops and neat boutiques, this is the place to be in Albuquerque.   This … Continue reading Road Trip Day 3 aka Gettin’ kicks on Rte. 66

Arizona the Beautiful is tasty too!

Something about Arizona puts a spell on me.  The vistas are beautiful…yes…            But it’s more than the beauty…..I feel good here….I feel well here….I feel a sense of calm here…..    I cannot explain it….but I LOVE it! And, I’ve discovered some pretty  awesome eats here in Tuscon……    Let me tell you that name is no mere boast!  This chef is a master at  combining fresh  ingredients and ideas with classic techniques like roasting braising and souvieing.  In a space that doubles as a carry out gourmet/wine market, Feast breaks all the conventions expected in a fine … Continue reading Arizona the Beautiful is tasty too!